1. Installation & Execution
    Since 1990, Kojo Decor has been a leader in the Lebanese market in the installation and execution of commercial and residential projects to satisfy customers' needs and taste.
  2. Maintenance & Repairs
    Kojo Decor commits to provide a good service to its customers including maintenance and repairs of the decoration work performed.
  3. Contracting & turnkey projects
    1. Aluminum Works
      Our services include performance of Aluminum works like aluminum shutters, glass curtains, aluminum windows and doors.
    2. Gypsum Works
      Customers may choose from our wide collection of modern and classic ceiling and walls designs and models that fit their preferences and tastes.
    3. Painting
      Kojo Decor provides painters to tint your walls and add color whether to your home or to your workplace.
    4. Carpentry Works
      Kojo Decor has dedicated carpenters that will add warmth to your home. Whether a living room, a bedroom, or an office, the quality of our wood work is as solid as ready furniture.
  4. Design & Drawings
    Our team of experts can draw your plans using Autocad, 2D and 3D .
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