About Us

Who We Are:

KOJO Décor has been catering the interiors industry and bringing attractive culture to thousands of clients with its top quality products, trustworthy services and customer-oriented operations.

Our company has good reputation in the industry and has accumulated many years of experience in supplying decoration materials and executing projects since establishment in 1990.

What We Do:

 At KOJO Décor, we provide high quality products for all budgets and decoration needs. Our wide variety of products ranging from flooring, wall covering, ceiling, and decorative accessories; recognize us as leaders in the decoration field. Our imports are mainly from USA, BELGIUM, GERMANY, SWITZERLAND, TURKEY, CHINA, INDIA and SOUTH KOREA.

In addition to our products, we also provide a variety of services including contracting, turnkey interior contracts, maintenance and repair.

Our Goal:

Our goal, as a family-owned company, is ongoing improvement and achieving total customer satisfaction.

Our Corporate Objectives:

  • Continue to promote & maintain long term relationship with existing & potential clients.
  • Maintain the motivation & development of our highly skilled personnel from all the departments.
  • Exceed the expectation of all our clients.
  • Maintain focus on industry trends to meet the changing needs of the clients.

Our Capabilities:

At Kojo Décor, we create unique customized interior design solutions & execute the same with utmost care regarding quality, time schedule above all creating an ambiance suitable for that particular sector. Our clients have with full confidence entrusted Kojo Décor with all aspects of responsibilities including site survey, interior design, cost evaluation & turnkey interior outfitting of all the places.

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